Griswold Big Head: Small



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At 20″ wide these small faces are perfect for showcasing your student even in small spaces! Great for photo ops and rallies!

  • Approximately 20″x24″ (varies within these dimensions depending on individual details)
  • Weather resistant corrugated plastic with UV bonded inks for use season after season
  • Custom image


Image Upload:

  1. Please upload the highest definition photo you can.
  2. Over 1MB is best
  3. Do not send screenshots.  They are very low res photos and absolutely will not work.
  4. Try to take the photo close up if possible.
  5. If your photo has hats, large hair or helmets, the photo will be scaled to the size of the product, therefore making the actual face smaller than the product size.
  6. If you’re unsure if a photo will work, email us at and we can let you know before you order!