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How to use School Spirit Place Built-In Fundraising

Pick Your Products

Browse through our site or speak with a customer service representative to determine what products work best for your team.

Pick Your Pricing

Work with your team to set a fundraising goal.  Then determine how much you want to add to our product base price. 

Promote Your Page

Our designers will create custom products for your team. Then they'll set up a team specific page on our website.  We'll send you the link to distribute to team members, parents, and fans letting them know their products are ready to order!


As parents, family and fans place their orders online, your fundraising is automatically totaled.  At the end of each month when orders are placed, we'll send you a check for the fundraising balance.

One low shipping rate. For all.

Want lower shipping rates? We know you do! Get your team set up with our $5 Group Ship option. All we need is:

  • A defined shipping window (1, 2 or 3 weeks usually works best)
  • An end date for orders to be placed
  • A single shipping location. We recommend a house or place of business where one person can receive the items - not a school.

Once that ordering period ends, we print and ship all items together right to that designated location. Individual invoices are enclosed for ease of distribution. Groups must have a minimum of 6 orders to qualify.

You need your Senior Banners by X/Y/ZZZZ? We recommend setting an end date for all orders 10 business days before the day you need them in hand. That allows time for the design and approval for each item before we ship them to you.

Fundraising. Built In.

School Spirit Place makes team fundraising so easy by automatically building it into each product.

Your team picks the products and the amount you'd like to earn.

We do the rest.


Team Meetings. Made Easy.

Snag one of our Mini Marketing Packs to bring with you to the next team meeting.

Don't worry, it's one little booklet filled with big stuff. Easy to carry, easy to pass around. You'll receive the current season School Spirit Place Lookbook for your whole team to look through. Then, once you decide on the products, we can put together a digital marketing pack included your items with files specially designed for email, Facebook and Instagram. Send out the digital flyer, post a notice to your team's Facebook page and add a highlight to your Instagram story. As a team leader, parent or coach, you do a lot of work to ensure your team is great. We make it easy for you.  Click the get started button below for more information.

Our Lookbooks are published on for your convenience. Click the photo to the left and flip through all of our previous seasons!